Lilli Lička is a Professor of Landscape Architecture as well as a Consultant, Jury Member and Activist. Areas of focus: urban development, outdoor spaces, and parks. 1991—2016 partner at koselička. Contact details.


LL heads the Institute of Landscape Architecture (ILA) at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (BOKU). She teaches, conducts research, publishes articles and books, and organizes events on the recent history of landscape architecture and contemporary developments in the field, as well as on the conception and design of landscapes and green, outdoor, and public spaces.

In collaboration with Ulrike Krippner and Roland Tusch, she set up the LArchiv at the institute, an archive of Austrian landscape architecture. She conceived the nextland collection of contemporary landscape architecture in Austria, which is jointly managed by the ILA and ÖGLA (Austrian Association for Landscape Planning and Landscape Architecture).

In 2007 LL masterminded the ongoing lecture series on landscape architecture L hoch x, organized by ILA and ÖGLA in cooperation with the Zumtobel Lichtforum, Vienna; she is also co-editor of the first monograph on contemporary Austrian landscape architecture: nextland—contemporary landscape architecture in Austria (dt/en bilingual publication) and – together with the ILA team – she conceived and organized the triennial science conference series X-LArch.


LL is director of a Landscape Architecture firm. For competitions and design assignments she engages in national and international cooperative ventures on a project-by-project basis. She acts as an expert consultant for the design of outdoor spaces and landscapes as well as for fruitful combinations of architecture and landscape. From 2004 to 2014 she was a member of the advisory committee for urban development and urban design in Vienna and she has been a member of the design committee for the state of Tyrol since 2013. She makes use of different media to participate in expert discussions (both written and verbal) on urban development, housing construction, the design of urban spaces and parks, and ways of addressing green heritage.

LL has active cooperations with:
Uberland, Madrid
Freilich Landscape Architecture, Meran


LL has many years of experience as a member of competition juries and as a jury chairperson, and she sits on selection committees for publications, prizes and the funding of scientific projects. She is on the panel of experts for the Austrian State Prize for Consulting. She represents the engineering firms of landscape architects in the Vienna area in competitions, acting on behalf of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce and was involved in the drafting of the competition rules for engineering services (german).

Together with Hannes Gröblacher and Karoline Seywald, LL conducts the Office for Droll Concerns (BLA). BLA focuses on the social phenomena and conflicts that manifest in our public spaces and prompt new approaches from a performative perspective.


koselička was founded in 1991 by LL and Ursula Kose and closed in 2016 when the latter retired. Their focus was on concepts and studies for socially acceptable urban spaces (Playable City, Simply Safe Outside, Healthy Gardens, Please Wait—Usable Stops in Their Spatial Context) as well as on the design, detail planning, and construction supervision of parks, gardens, historical facilities, squares, and outdoor spaces in residential environments.

Photo: Natascha Unkart

from 2017—ASFINAG (Austrian motorway and expressway network), design board member

2016—Upper Austria horticultural show Aigen Schlägl 2019, jury head

2016—Residential development, Dorfbach, Oberndorf in Tyrol, expert contribution to charrette

2016—Village square and master plan for local development, Niederndorf in Tyrol, jury member – expert judge

2014—Redesign of Südtirolerplatz, Vienna, jury chairperson, project competition for the landscape architecture and art

2014—Reconstruction of the Türkenwirt/BOKU university building, jury member – expert judge, architecture and landscape architecture competition

2014—Reconstruction of the Thaler Areal lido, Hard, architecture and landscape architecture competition, jury chairperson

2013—Planning and design for Mariahilferstrasse, Vienna, expert member of awards committee panel for negotiated procedures

2012—Landscape Architecture Europe, member of expert project-selection panel for the publication In Touch, Wageningen, Netherlands

2012—Forecourt – main entrance for Salzburg state hospital and children’s centre, jury member – expert judge, ideas competition for the artistic design

2010—Exemplary architecture in industrial parks, jury member for Clients’ Award, Chamber of Architects, Province of Bolzano, Italy

2009—Cyclist bridge in Hard—Bregenz, jury member, two-stage project competition

2008—Redesign of Eduard-Wallnöfer-Platz in Innsbruck, jury member – expert judge, two-stage architectural project competition

2008—Aspern airfield – public-space planning manual, competition jury member

2008—Urban development and landscape architecture design for the centre of the Rohrbach district in Dornbirn, jury member – expert judge, invited ideas competition

2005—Zollverein Industrial Complex Park, Essen, jury member – expert judge, project competition

2002—Noise barrier for Tauern Autobahn A10, jury member – expert judge, two-stage design competition

2000—Design for a roof garden on Building 1A in the St. Pölten government quarter, jury member – expert judge, project competition

Performance: BLA, Photo: Johannes Hloch

Collini Hohenems, Secret Garden (building site, 2016)
Landscape Architecture: koselička w/ Uberland


House of Generations, Götzis (realization 2007)
Terrace for dementia patients: koselička, Architecture: Dorner/Matt, Photo: Bruno Klomfar


Park of Generations, Götzis (realization 2007)
Landscape Architecture: koselička, Photo: Bruno Klomfar


Schule Rieden-Vorkloster (realization 2004), schoolyard and forecourt
Landscape Architecture: koselička, Photo: Gisela Erlacher


Village square Bezau (realization 2004)
Landscape Architecture: koselička, Photo: Gisela Erlacher


Stripe garden (realization 2003)
Landscape Architecture: koselička, Photo: Sophie Meingassner


Bruno-Kreisky-Park (realization 2001), competition on gender sensitive park design, 1. Prize
Landscape Architecture: koselička, Photo: Gisela Erlacher, Art: „hanging around“, 2009/2010, Michael Kienzer


Heimhof (realization 2001), courtyard and garden of the kindergarten
Landscape Architecture: koselička, Photo: Gisela Erlacher


Study “Healty Gardens” for the City of Vienna (Gesunde Gärten, koselička (1998) Gesunde Gärten, Frei- und Grünräume für Heil- und Pflegeanstalten in Wien, eine Untersuchung im Auftrag der Gemeinde Wien (MA 15 und MA 18), Beiträge zur Stadtforschung, Stadtentwicklung und Stadtgestaltung Band 64, ISBN 3-901210-94-6)


Study “Guidelines for a Safe City” for the City of Vienna (Richtlinien für eine sichere Stadt; Frauenbüro – Gemeinde Wien, MA 57 (Hg.), Silia Tillner, koselička (1995) Richtlinien für eine sichere Stadt Beispiele für die Planung und Gestaltung sicherer öffentlicher Räume, Wien: Band 1 der Schriftenreihe Frauen in Wien


Study “Playable City” for the City of Vienna (Bespielbare Stadt, koselička (1995): Bespielbare Stadt basierend auf den Arbeiten „Alles geht spielend“ (1991) und „Der Weg ist das Spiel“ (1992), Beiträge zur Stadtforschung und Stadtgestaltung Band 56, ISBN 3-901210-61-X

+43 664 4548689


Prof. DI Lilli Lička, 1150 Vienna, Austria
Engeneering Office for Landscape Architecture

Design: Bueronardin
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